About Me

Myselftransport Founder – Harold Robson

Hi! I’m Harold. I grew up in Texas, and I love riding my skateboard ever since I was nine years old. Also, my friends and I drive up to Utah during the winter seasons, and we go snowboarding every year. As you can tell, I love spending time outdoors and enjoying riding my boards.

About a few years ago, I picked up a hoverboard at a local Best Buy, and I fell in love with this two-wheel self-balancing scooter. It was my dream to own something like this since I was a child (Remember Back To The Future movie?) I must say that I love my hoverboard more than any skateboard or snowboard out there. It’s just different. You have more control and you can ride without much effort.

I decided to create and dedicate this website to anyone out there who enjoys hoverboard as I do. I want to share my passion and review various hoverboards out there. Now I review the best hoverboards for anyone who is considering buying a hoverboard for themselves or their loved ones. With a safe battery certificate (UL2272) and many new regulations, the hoverboards are much more reliable than ever. So what are you waiting? Join me and the hoverboard community and let’s have some fun!


Your friend,

Harold Robson.