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Hoverboard Features

September 14, 2020

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, are quickly becoming the “it” mode of transportation. Thanks to their inherent awesomness, hoverboards soon went from a fantasy that you’d see on an episode of The Jetsons or Back to the Future to an attainable way to get around town. Not only are hoverboards cool because of the […]

How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh? (and what is its weight limit?)

September 13, 2020

Hoverboards are one of the hottest new personal transportation devices of the last decade. Whether you’re currently thinking about buying a hoverboard, checking out my list of the best hoverboards on the market, or just wondering what these things are all about, the question, “How much do hoverboards weigh?” has obviously popped into your mind. […]

What Is A Hoverboard

September 10, 2020

You may not have had the pleasure of riding on a hoverboard, but there’s a good chance you have seen them in movies or at least heard about them. So what is a hoverboard? To give you a simple definition, a hoverboard is a personal transportation device consisting of two motorized wheels connected by a […]

12 Essential Tips for Buying a Hoverboard

September 9, 2020

You probably just want to get on a Hoverboard and go, right? Here’s some advice: Think before you act. If you want to enjoy hoverboarding, you must get the right one. This article will help you make the right decision before you spend your hard-earned money buying a hoverboard, only to realize later on that […]

How To Fix A Hoverboard (and other Hoverboard Troubleshooting)

September 9, 2020

Is your hoverboard showing a blinking green, orange, or red light? Is one side of the hoverboard not working? Did your hoverboard get wet and now it won’t turn on? Below I’ll cover the most common issues and how to fix a broken hoverboard. Sometimes you can even do this with some common household materials! […]

Are Hoverboards Safe in 2020?

September 8, 2020

Are hoverboards safe to ride in 2020? Do hoverboards really catch on fire? Does hopping on a hoverboard come with any risks? How do I handle different hoverboard parts? How can I ride a hoverboard safely? These are the questions I’m going to tackle below. If you’d like to jump right to my recommendations for […]

Hoverboard vs. Skateboard (and electric skateboard): What’s the dif?

September 7, 2020

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen an uptick in the number of hoverboards that have hit the market. Its popularity has undoubtedly reached a pinnacle in the last couple years but how does it compare to one of the original modes of transportation for kids of all ages? We […]

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