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How Fast Does A Hoverboard Travel

Hoverboards are fun and those who ride this amazing device alone know the ‘awesome feeling’ when they mount on the wheels and feel the breeze on their hair. Jetting on a self-balancing scooter in top speed gives a kind of adrenalin rush which cannot be described in words. How Fast Does A Hoverboard Go? If […]


How Do You Control A Hoverboard

So your hoverboard has finally arrived and we know how much you want to hover around like a pro to show it off to your friends. But, wait! No wonder hoverboards can give you hours of fun but you need some amount of practice to ensure that you don’t end up kissing the ground. So, […]


How Do Hoverboards Work

While we don’t know exactly why many people love their hoverboard, we are confident to say that these people enjoy riding them each day. It must feel wonderful to be on wheels and have more control over where you want to go. It’s stylish, young, and energetic. However, do you know how the hoverboards work? […]

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