Hoverboard Review

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There are very few toys on the market like a hoverboard. If you would like to see your kids spending more time outside, then hoverboards are for you. But beware – once they get on they might not want to get off!

These techno skateboards succeed in getting kids and even lethargic teenagers out of stuffy rooms. It lures them away from addictive game playing, internet, and television. In fact, they can still be seen riding these boards several months after getting them for Christmas.

So, what’s the craze about really? This is what we will be exploring in this article.

Things to Look for When Buying a Hoverboard

When looking for a hoverboard, these four aspects are wise to consider:

  • Ask yourself, can this company be trusted? Will they be prepared to refund or replace the product if faulty? Otherwise, you will be left with one very unhappy child and a useless toy
  • Check what type of materials this product is made from. Consider key components such as:
  • Is it a quality type of battery?
  • Will it last long?
  • If it is lithium-ion, which is known to catch fire, check if it overheats while charging.
  • For good balance, speed and a less bouncy ride inspect the tire robustness and thickness
  • Beware of manufacturers who will put in an inferior motor to cut costs. If you have a child who appreciates slightly more speed, this will be an important one for you
  • Did the company make this product safe? Has the product passed the required test for UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification?
  • Focus on what your child wants. Do they like dynamic colors and lights or would your child rather prefer a powerful motor which could tackle some inclines? Your child’s preference is vital for a successful purchase

Now let’s consider a few options currently on the market

Hoverboard Reviews

App-Enabled SWAGTRON T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard

When Swagtron developed this product, you can tell the company really understood children. The Bluetooth speaker permits kids to listen to music without any irritating wires. Kids can be entertained for longer periods as they zip through the neighborhood.

Adults beware as you too might be persuaded to try out these hoverboards. It holds up to 220lb so would be safe to exercise some core muscles.


  • The three modes (beginner, advanced and intermediate) enable kids with different levels of experience to learn at their own paces without harming themselves or feeling left out
  • The app has a clever feature which can monitor battery life. 


  • Customers found the smart self-balancing feature very useful for climbing on and off the board
  • No strange odors or heating up of the product while charging were experienced
  • Some found using the app and hoverboard through Bluetooth quite simple


  • Some customers are not pleased with the speaker quality. It became distorted when they try to increase the sound or add bass
  • The charging port needs to be more durable. The three pin socket bends too easily when removing the charger
  • The product is heavier than people expected. Some found it awkward to carry

Final Verdict

This product contains many convenient features which are on a kid’s level of user-friendliness. You won’t go wrong purchasing Swagton hoverboard if your aim is to teach your kid endurance. It will bring great satisfaction to watch your child progress from one level to another.

Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard​

This funky hoverboard provides a great cost-effective option. The product doesn’t compromise and includes some of the best features out there. Its lunular lighting and intergalactic colors will make kids fall in love with this board for certain.


  • Training mode is a one-touch process which allows kids to become adept at using in minutes
  • This product has a dynamic symmetry which uses your kid’s mass movement to regulate the speed and direction of the hoverboard
  • Kids can experience an electrifying 12-mile ride on a single charge


  • The product gives a warning when kids are going too fast
  • The battery can hold a charge for a couple of days
  • People are amazed at how well constructed the product is for a reduced price


  • Customers are skeptical about the cheap cost
  • The front panel of the product can get easily scratched
  • The board tends to get stuck in a backward setting and unable to move forward

Final Verdict

With its stunning green indicator lights and blue headlights, Gotrax is certainly a show stopper during evening rides. Its durability also makes it a satisfying purchase. However, this product is so popular it might already be sold out by the time you want it.

Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Flash Wheel 6.5”

The combination of flashing lights and lit-up wheels can cause kids to forget they are only heading to the store. It might make them feel like they are part of a Sci-Fi movie instead.


  • To improve the level of safety the whole device is protected with an anti-fire plastic cover  
  • Anti-glide foot controls which trigger sensors that assist steady movement and rotation


  • Customer service is very helpful and quick
  • It’s not cheap, but still affordable


  • Not extremely durable as customers experience faults within months of owning it.
  • Instructions are unclear which require a customer to use YouTube video

Final Verdict

This hoverboard is highly recommended for an advanced group of kids thanks to the increased operational ability to control the hoverboard. And thanks to the affordable pricing any kid can own this model.


Hoverboards spiral us into a new technological dimension where running to the grocery store is fun and no longer a boring chore. Your kid will love every opportunity to hover over sand, dirt, or grass. Buy the right one and watch your child’s wildest dreams come true.

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