Tricks and Stunts You Can Do with Your Hoverboard

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If you’re a fellow trend-setter who’s evidently recognised the ways in which hoverboards are now blowing skateboards out of the water, you know just how incredible these devices can be. Just stepping on it for the first time alone has one feeling like they are stepping into the future, and it’s a rush current to the times.

However, as exciting as it is to just generally ride your hoverboard frontwards and back, there’s a lot more you can get out of it. As these devices have become increasingly popular over recent years, many people are innovating and sharing their own rad tricks and stunts online for others to try out with their own boards.

We hoverboarders are a friendly community, as well as daring. As great as it feels to show off, there’s something to be gained from having camaraderie with other riders looking for the same fun.

Check out these tricks you can learn on your own hoverboard to take your riding experience to the next level:

The Sitting Spin

Standing on a hoverboard can be intimidating. But instead of sitting out on the fun, try sitting down – and while you’re at it, take your board for a literal spin!

To be frank, attempting a sitting spin can be a bit difficult just because it requires you to situate yourself lengthwise on the board comfortably. This can be a challenging feat for riders who are taller, broader, or just plain bigger.

To try though, you will need to first make sure your bum is situated on the sensor plates. Next, have your feet planted on the wheel protector. Then, to start spinning, tilt your body sideways – and have at it.

“The Spin”

If you’re ready to stand up to the task, the most basic trick – yet still impressive to onlookers –  you can try on your hoverboard is what has been dubbed simply “The Spin”.

To do this, simply press one foot down on one of the footpads, while keeping your other foot flat on the board.

The One-Sided Spin

More advanced than a basic spin, a one-sided spin is where you spin with both feet planted on one side of the board, or one sensor plate. This might take a little practice, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it on the first try.

To attempt, press down on the footpad side based on the direction you wish to turn, and as you start to spin, move your other foot over onto the same wheel cover.

Now, if you are feeling particularly daring….


Alright, so this one probably isn’t for beginners, and regardless of whether or not you have attempted a handstand even on solid ground in your life, it’s probably best to take precautions…and have ice ready on standby, just in case.

To attempt a handstand on your board, you will need to first place each hands in the middle of the sensor plate. From there, you can kick up and do a handstand on the board and cross your fingers for balance.

Check out this video example:

Ready to try for yourself? Check out Our hoverboard reviews regularly to keep up with the latest news and advice on operating your board.

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