How Do You Control A Hoverboard

How Do You Control A Hoverboard
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So your hoverboard has finally arrived and we know how much you want to hover around like a pro to show it off to your friends. But, wait! No wonder hoverboards can give you hours of fun but you need some amount of practice to ensure that you don’t end up kissing the ground. So, save yourself the embarrassment by finding out how do you control a hoverboard.

Most of the hoverboards out there have a similar type of shape hence they are identical in appearance. They are typically divided into two different sections that allow independent movement both forward and backward. LEDs are situated at the center where the two sides meet and they work as an indicator for the battery charge. Many of them have headlights at the front to illuminate the path when hovering in dark.

When the battery is fully charged, step on the scooter one foot at a time. You must do this swiftly because if you are too slow then this will create an unbalance. Make sure your feet are apart on the sides and not in the center for enhanced support.

How do you control a hoverboard as you move around

Despite what some manufacturers may say, the hoverboards can’t actually read your mind. It requires physical control from your side. However, as you get a hang of riding this self-balancing scooter, you will realize that it requires only a small input from your feet and lower leg. It gives you an illusion that the scooter can read your thoughts.

In reality, when you think about turning left, you lean that side hoping to make a turn and that gesture is enough for the board to turn left. You must, however, ensure that you don’t lean too hard towards any direction as this is a sure way to get off balance. When learning to control a hoverboard, this is perhaps the biggest mistake to avoid.

The golden rule is not to move around or keep still your whole body, but slightly crouch down to reduce the center of gravity and enable smooth movement. Give a slight push in forwarding direction on both the sides to move forward. When you want to go in the reverse direction simply pull back to go backward.

When you want to steer the hoverboard, you simply need to push on either side to make the board rotate in that direction. To make a sharp turn, apply a little backward pressure on the side opposite to the one that is pushing forward.

As you start off, keep the pace slow and do one activity at a time. Eventually, the muscle memory will develop and you will be able to move around in your hoverboard without thinking much.

Getting off the hoverboard with ease

When getting off the board, you must ensure that you keep one foot down at a time. You need to let one foot make your body movement steady before you take off the other feet from the board.

When learning to control a hoverboard, it is inevitable that you will tumble off a few times in the beginning. Keep practicing at home to get a hang of it before you take it outdoors. We would recommend that you try riding it on a carpeted floor as you won’t hurt yourself when you fall. Practicing indoors is always a great option to gain better control over the board before you try riding in a traffic-filled street.


If you have experience riding a skateboard, you will be able to develop your controls faster. You may even be able to pull a few tricks such as jumps and ollies. These tricks come really handy when you are hovering in a pavement with elevations or curbs

Even though it might appear challenging to control a hoverboard, learning to ride the self-balancing scooter is not as difficult as it seems. It is also similar to riding a bike. Give it some time and make sure you practice in a forgiving environment before hitting a road or a busy street.  Staying safe is important not only for you but also for others around you. With a little patience and lots of practice, you will be hovering like a pro in no time.

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