How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last

How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last
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If you are a passionate hoverboard rider then we are sure you have been in a situation when you are speeding up and suddenly you get that beep or orange flashlight telling you that the battery is going low. We admit this can be really frustrating, but it’s a battery operated device after all and this is inevitable. Let’s find out how long the battery can last. You’ll be surprised.

How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last

To get the maximum out of your personal transport, we would recommend that you inquire about how long does the battery last before buying a hoverboard. If you like racing with your friends or want an uninterrupted ride, you can always carry an extra pack with you.

It should be remembered that just like the speed and range of hoverboards vary depending on the brand and model, the battery life also varies. While some scooters start flashing the orange light just after 60 minutes of the ride, there are some brands that can last up to 3 to 4 hours. Thus, you really need to do your homework well before purchasing one.

Other than the brand and model of hoverboards, other external factors can also determine how long a battery will last and these factors include:

  • Type of terrain where you are riding (incline, smoothness and steep)
  • The weight of the rider
  • The capacity of the battery
  • Weather condition (battery drains faster in hot temperature)
  • Handling of the scooter

In average conditions, most of the hoverboard models can travel from 8 miles to 20 miles on one charge. This can go to a maximum of 20 miles in ideal conditions.

Just like any electronic devices that run on battery, the hoverboards can also last for longer if you remember to shut down when not in use.

Tips to boost the hoverboard battery

No matter which model or brand you buy, one thing is common that they will work great in the beginning and may even allow you to go many miles. With times, the batteries age and their capacity also reduce. This is normal for any electronic device that comes equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. If you would like to boost your hoverboard battery life, here are some tips to help you.

As a general rule try to avoid the lithium battery to completely drain out. We would recommend that you stop when the power goes less than 20 percent. However, it is also good for the battery if once in a while you let the battery discharge completely. You can do this once every month and this helps in calibrating the battery’s ability to tell you how much battery life is remaining.

Prevent heating of the battery

Although this may sound pretty obvious, we cannot emphasize this point enough. Heavy use of the battery can reduce the capacity of the battery by up to 20%. So, avoid storing the device in a place where the temperature is more than the room temperature as this would cause even more damage.

Never overcharge the batteries

This is a common mistake people commit and this leads to a reduction in battery life of lithium batteries. Make sure you do not leave the battery to charge overnight or let it sit fully charged for a long period of time. This can have a damaging effect on the battery to make sure the battery is down by at least 10 percent before storing it.


As mentioned above, the number of hours a hoverboard will vary largely based upon the brand or model you are using. The maximum time a hoverboard battery lasts is 3 to 4 hours and it can give you a mileage of 15 miles per hour.  As these self-balancing scooters run on batteries, it is essential that you take care to reduce wastage of energy to increase the battery life.

Don’t leave the power on your hoverboard when you are not in use. Also, remember to never leave it on charge overnight. This can be detrimental for the health of your batteries and reduce their lifespan significantly. Once you reach the charging hour, you can unplug the power and keep it in a conspicuous place where you can pick it up and ride it for the next time. Also when a new hoverboard arrives, make sure you charge the batteries to their full limit before taking them out for a spin. Taking care of these things will ensure that the batteries last for long. We hope that you are more aware of the hoverboard battery than before you read the article. Let us know if you have any thoughts or comments!

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