Official Halo Rover Hoverboard Review

October 23, 2017
Official Halo Rover Hoverboard Review
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Quick Overview






  • Made with high-quality, durable materials
  • Comfortable and easy to ride on different terrain
  • Easy to use and easy to charge
  • Comes with a free carry case for convenience


  • It’s quite heavy
  • It doesn’t run as well off-road
  • Not compatible with all kinds of smartphones

This Official Halo Rover hoverboard is one the sturdiest one you will find on the market today. Not only that, it also offers its own unique features. On performance, the Rover can attain speeds as fast as 10-MPH and can also travel as far as 10 miles on one full charge.

It can also climb slopes which are up to 20 degrees steep and this demonstrates its motor’s power. This hoverboard underwent testing and it passed the IPX4 compliance for water resistance. The fact that it passed indicates that it will not sustain damages made by rain or water splashes.

Another feature of the Rover is its LED headlights. This would allow visibility for the user as well as pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists. It’s convenient for those who might be traveling on the same path so this is a great safety feature. There are other special features the Official Halo Rover Hoverboard has to offer. This hoverboard is the only one in the market protective wheels and guards strengthened with aluminum.

The Hoverboard driver has complete control of the board. This control is through an app in your smartphone. The app allows the driver to keep track of the power, the speed, and the distance traveled. This same app can also adjust the speed of the hoverboard, the sensitivity when steering, and other such features. All these are essential to assist your child in using the board for safety.

Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

Features of the Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

So what makes this hoverboard so special? What can it offer to sway the consumer’s decision? Usually, a buyer would base his choice on the features of the product and may also consider product reviews. Consider these great features:

Smooth and Convenient

  • The hoverboard went through the UL Certification and it passed. It even comes with a hologram certificate as proof.
  • Provides a smooth ride for your child because of the sensors made uniquely with Halo Technology.
  • Includes built-in Bluetooth speakers and is compatible with the corresponding mobile app.
  • Your child can use this board on any kind of terrain. It comes with 3 different modes depending on the skill level of your child.


Hoverboards aren’t only for fun but also for practicality. Its value as a transport unit is fast becoming a part of integral everyday life. For such, they’ve introduced more safety features to it. The manufacturers worked on the issues as well to make it a “safe” transport. After all, safety should be the number one priority, especially for products children will use.

Top quality hoverboards will certainly erase any worries regarding safety when riding hoverboards. The Halo Rover has undergone rigorous tests in its design. These tests ensure that it adheres to all aspects of a top-quality product. These aspects include safety, capability, and quality.

The manufacturers of the Halo Rover, have adhered to such standards. That’s why we can consider the Halo as THE best hoverboard in 2017. Review the aforementioned features above to understand why it’s the best in its field.


EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

One of the most robust and innovative hoverboards available today is the EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter. It’s a great choice if you don’t think that the Official Halo Rover Hoverboard is the right one for your child. This redefines the hoverboard as a new mode of personal transportation. The makers of EPIKGO have prioritized safety. They’ve corrected the safety issues to develop safe products, such as this hoverboard.

The EPIKGO scooter has gone through numerous tests. It has obtained the highest standards after successfully becoming Certified. Such certification ensures the users that electrical and fire hazards should no longer be their concern. Aside from that, the sturdy and durable built of the EPIKGO scooter will be able to handle any obstacle in its way. There is virtually no problem when running through wet grass, soil, dirt and sand surfaces.


Voted to be the best hoverboard in its class for 2017, the Official Halo Rover Hoverboard has its own great and unique features. There is the use of technology sensors which help deliver for smoother rides. They’ve combined this feature with the large all-terrain wheels. These will allow the Rover to take its driver anywhere. The non-flat indestructible tires are 8.5-inches in diameter. They have an indestructible aluminum chassis.

Having been UL 2272 certified, there is no chance of overheating or malfunction. As its source of power, it has LG’s finest and fire-safe batteries. The scooter comes with a Bluetooth and a mobile app for playing music, tracking location, speed and battery life. With all such features, it’s no wonder that it’s the best. We highly recommend this product!

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