What Does a Hoverboard Look Like

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Don’t skip this article just because you’ve been riding hoverboards for a while. And if you are new to this sport, this article is also for you.

Being good at something is all about knowing all there is to know. Knowledge prepares you and gives you a foundation to build on.

When we discuss what a hoverboard looks like below, we’re telling you everything you need to know to get the most out of your riding and to stay safe while doing it.

See? That applies to amateurs and experts alike.

So, what is there to know?

Different Components

You can imagine a hoverboard only contains the basic parts to make it work. Any excessive features could make it too heavy for the motor to move or it can affect the rider’s balance.

That’s why most hoverboard only contains the following.


Unlike futuristic movies predicted, we’re not flying on our hoverboards yet. So, it’s not so much hovering as gliding. But to glide without jolts, you need proper wheels.

You need one on either side of your hoverboard to optimize balance. You also need to know they’ll take you where you want to go. Hoverboards are sold with different types of tires, with only some of them appropriate for off the road riding such as on grass or gravel.

Match your hoverboard’s wheels with your driving area for optimum pleasure.

You also have to match the right size wheels. You’ll usually choose between:

  • 6.5”
  • 8”
  • 10”

What to Look for When You Choose Yours

Always choose a tire you’ll know you’ll be able to use a lot. If you’re simply riding down the road, any tire will do. But taking it on holiday or if you live on a farm with gravel roads, get an off-road tire model so you can enjoy it no matter where you are.

And here’s another handy tip: Some users complain the hoverboard casings touch the wheels. This will cause friction, damage and even for your board to stop. Look at how close the wheels are to the rest of the board before you make a purchase.

Is there a right or a wrong sized wheel? Not really, but remember:

  • Small wheels perform better in tricks but can only carry smaller loads
  • Large wheels aren’t great for fancy riding, but dynamic for regular transportation
  • Small wheels allow comfortable and smooth ride experiences for kids


Between the wheels, you’ll find the body. This is a square unit that’s flat on top for you to stand on. On either side, the body is formed to fit over the wheels. Think of these as mini fenders.

The area in the middle’s importance lies in this:

  • It provides space for your feet, so this surface must be designed with a balance between weight and efficacy in mind. It can’t be too big, otherwise, it will be too heavy for the motor to drive forward. It can’t be too small, or your feet won’t get enough space so that you can keep your balance
  • It houses the mechanics and technological parts—such as the gyroscopes in some hoverboards—that help keep you upright

On the casing, you’ll usually find the power and other buttons to adjust settings.

Your ‘fenders’ are as important since they protect your feet and the wheels from accidentally touching. You don’t want your hoverboard flinging you to the ground because your shoe caught the side of a moving wheel.

And Now Let’s Discuss the Look

No longer can you view a hoverboard as a transport option only. It’s not even simply a toy. It has become a fashion statement and entertainment tool thanks to these features you’ll often find:

  • Lights all over the exterior to make you visible but also to look fashionable when you ride past your neighbor’s house
  • Audio features such as speakers will be visible to provide sound while you drive. This is usually streamed via Bluetooth from mobile devices
  • Most brands sell the boards in different colors so that you can pick your favorite. It’s basically like purchasing a car!

What to Look for When You Choose Yours

Decide which of these features are most important before you purchase so you know you’re making a long-term investment. Don’t spend money on aesthetics if you’re more concerned about quality.

Here’s an important word: Streamlined. Ensure the body gives little wind resistance to optimize performance.

As a pro rider with an old unit, you may now want to upgrade your hoverboard to one with more audio features, or the latest regarding technology inside the body.

Foot Pads

On top of the body, you’ll find the foot pads. These are important, and it surprises me that many brands don’t focus on this part of the design.

Your ideal hoverboard will have non-slip pads so your feet don’t slip easily.


The size of a hoverboard usually relates to the size of the wheels. Of course, the wheels have to match the size of your body’s ‘fenders,’

With different settings on modern hoverboards, one size can accommodate different individuals, so kids and adults can enjoy the same one.

Different Types

To help you not be confused when you start shopping, we’ll simply mention other hoverboard options that appear on the market from time to time. And more may come in the future:

  • One-wheel hoverboards are available but are obviously more challenging to balance on
  • Real hoverboards—that hover and don’t require wheels—do exist, but they’re still ridiculously expensive
  • Four-wheel hoverboards are sold as well

But I promise you, out of all these options, your time on a two-wheel hoverboard will be the best.


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Now that you know what to look, you can find the perfect one for you. And if you own one, you’re probably in the mood to get a new, better one. Why not? The fun you have is worth every cent.

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