What Is The Weight Of A Hoverboard

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You probably see them all around you and want to get in on the action. Yes, hoverboards are the new hip toys and even a transport method. If you’re going to move with the times, one should also be on your shopping list.

But don’t make that purchase too fast. Have you considered all the features, so you know exactly what to buy?

While all of them work more or less in the same way, each one is unique. One of the main differences you must look at is the weight aspect.

Why is Weight Important?

A heavy car traveling at high speed has more momentum than a small vehicle, right? If that big object suddenly has to stop, the brakes will work much harder than the small unit’s in the same circumstances.

It’s not different with hoverboards. Weight matters. We’ll look at a few aspects you need to consider.

The Weight of a Hoverboard

On a hoverboard’s list of specifications, you should see this information listed. That will give you an indication of how you’ll be influenced by those few pounds.


The foremost important aspect of the weight is how your board will respond to your directions. You may enjoy traveling fast on a heavy hoverboard. However, as mentioned above, this will determine:

  • How quickly your board can stop. For small children you ideally want the board to stop quickly instead of riding into an obstruction
  • How fast it will respond to subtle shifts in your body. You may need more force with a heavier board

Carrying Your Hoverboard

It’s important that you have an enjoyable ride, but making sure having the right weight that suits you is just as important. When the battery runs flat far from home or a charging point you’ll have to carry it all the way.

Here you need to match the weight to what the rider can handle. Weight may be less significant for adults, but small children will battle lugging around the larger models.
You also don’t want a rider accidentally dropping the unit just because it’s too heavy to handle. In this instance, a bag can be a handy tool, but your shoulders will still need to cope with the load. So, choose wisely.

Different Sizes

So what size should you choose?

Be prepared to carry considerable weight no matter what you pick. The technology that drives these boards is still improving. Currently, these are all the parts you need:

  • A battery which is usually one of the main parts that influence the eventual weight, because you need considerable power to drive fast or far
  • A motor strong enough to drive your weight and the hoverboard’s weight forward
  • A casing to protect the interior
  • Wheels strong enough to sustain impact and carry your weight. Normal and off-road wheels differ in weight so this is one way you can customize how heavy your hoverboard will be
  • Extras such as lights or speakers

No brand has succeeded in building a super-light version. Since you need some weight to build momentum, you’re also not likely to get extremely light models in the future.

Most of them weigh around 20 lbs., but some more advanced ones with large wheels or more accessories can reach the up to 30 lbs.

Note: If you’re looking for a lighter version, it may want to consider on impractical features. Do you need the speakers, or can you listen to music via headphones? And all those lights may not be necessary. A simple reflector is all you need for night riding.

What About Your Weight?

Here’s the other feature you must consider: Your own weight. It’s just as important as the hoverboards. While the average capacity of hoverboards is 220lbs., you’ll find a few that cater for larger—or smaller—individuals. Yes, even your child’s minimal weight must be considered. Here is why.

A Safe Traveling Weight

With most models averaging 25lbs., your weight adds considerably to the eventual weight of the object traveling down the road. Why does this matter? Because once again it determines how fast the board responds.

Will the Hoverboard Cope?

Of course, you must weigh less than the board’s maximum capacity. This you’ll find on the list of specs. If you’re too heavy, the board may not function well or even get damaged.

Will the Hoverboard Respond?

And also look at the minimum weight capacity. This tells you whether your small children will be able to use the hoverboard. The board requires a certain weight on top, so its technology can sense what you want it to do.

You can see weight plays an important role in all aspects of hoverboarding.

Our Favorite Models

Let’s help you find an ideal option for your unique application:

As we mentioned, it may be prudent to skip accessorizing if you want to ride far.  Gotrax Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard only weighs 23lb. But can go as far as 12 miles on a single charge. Without the weight of speakers, it can perform better for those looking for transport, not entertainment.

Luckily some flashy models are still relatively light. These are perfect for kids’ use. TOMOLOO succeeds in building a 22lb. Unit with many colorful light options. But note that this light model can only handle up to 165lbs. Do you see how you have to balance out your priorities?

Here’s a super light and impressive unit.  Z1Plus Chrome Self-Balancing Hoverboard weighs in at 18lb., but it’s strong enough to carry 225lb. And yes, it even has lights and speakers. But note that it will only work for about an hour at a time. This may not get you to work all the way.

The CHO All Terrain Hoverboard is much heavier but you’ll need its features—which add to the weight—to cope with different terrains and even inclines.


So, don’t think any of the specifications on a hoverboard should be ignored. Information on the packaging of electronic devices is there for a reason. Read it thoroughly when you purchase your hoverboard. Find one that will give you—or your family—the optimum amount of fun and functionality in future.

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