Why It’s Important to Research Hoverboard Brands Before You Buy

Any major purchase deserves some level of research prior to placing that online order. A hoverboard is no exception. Fortunately, My Self Transport is a site that provides great insight into the pros and cons of various brands, allowing you to make a safe and profitable decision. The reasons behind hoverboard research prior to buying may seem clear-cut, but it is important to understand what you should be looking for and why.

Where to Look?

Depending on the time of year, you may be hard-pressed to find a hoverboard in stock with major retailers. Some are consistently sold out, creating a challenge right from the start. Researching before purchasing can help you shop around for the best deal. You can look directly at a manufacturer’s site or keep an alert on Amazon to know when the best brands are back in stock. Either way, know your options and know where to look for them. Researching this element can help you stay in the know of where your desired brand is in stock.

The Cost

A quick Google search will return any number of hoverboards for a wide range of prices. There really isn’t a standard price quite yet, but money does talk. A good brand is going to cost a good amount of money. Researching brands will prevent you from investing in a hoverboard that is poor quality. Some of the best brands are over $1,000. Good brands can be found for less than this. As a general rule, a cheap board reflects a cheap quality. Keep this in mind as you look for a reputable brand.

The Reputation

Reviews on Amazon or other sites are a great indicator of the best brands on the market. Knowing what people think can mean the difference between buying a good brand and a bad brand. Reputations are important and finding a brand with a good one will help you make the right choice. A good research process isn’t complete without considering the company reputation. Customer reviews can give insight into what kind of company you’ll be working with. Customer service and return policies are important – just in case this investment doesn’t pan out for you.

The Safety

Researching a brand’s reputation will also include considering the safety. However, safety is so important it warrants its own section. Hoverboards can be equipped with low quality battery packs. When those overheat, the board tends to explode. Avoid this at all costs. Research to find a brand with quality parts, especially the battery. A safe hoverboard will have a UL 2272 license, a safety certification from a global safety science organization.

The Features

The hoverboard consists of more than the battery of course. Other features determine not only the safety, but also whether or not the hoverboard is suitable for your needs. For example, the wheels are important for your desired terrain. Are you trying to do tricks? Look for smaller wheels. Want to off-road a little more? Definitely look for thicker, larger wheels.

Hoverboards also come in different sizes, so find the right fit for you (or your child) to help you choose the one that helps you balance best and ride smoothly. Other features at play are the grip and the body itself.

All in all, as you join the hoverboard community, do your due diligence and research brands before making your choice. Keep regulations and safety in mind to ensure you choose the best brand and board for your adventure!

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